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To request assistance or provide information/situational awareness

A region-wide facility update is being requested.

W MA HMCC is in “Monitoring State”

Due to last night’s storm there have been widespread power outages and localized storm damage across the state. In an effort to understand the impacts from this storm and to prepare for any issues that may require assistance;

The HMCC Duty Officer will need you to report as soon as possible, this morning, Thursday October 17, on the status of your facility for inclusion in our regional update to OPEM.   


 Reporting protocols remain as follows:

  • Hospitals will submit reports to the HMCC Duty Officer using the Region 1 Facility Report Form below.
  • Long-Term Care Facilities will report via the MassMAP reporting system
  • Community Health Centers will report to Tina Wright, Emergency Management Program Manager with the MA League of Community Health Centers
  • Local Public Health should report any shelter opening or other pertinent activity/public health impacts directly to the HMCC Duty Officer
  • All other health and medical facilities should report as needed directly to the HMCC Duty Officer using the Region 1 Facility Report Form below

The MA Department of Public Health’s Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management (OPEM) is currently staffing the ESF-8* desk at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s EOC (Emergency Operations Center).  HMCC Duty Officers have been asked to deliver a regional situation update to the state EOC today.

call the Duty Officer at (413) 773-1502

with no request for assistance from the Duty Officer email [email protected]

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