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With the increasing amount of pediatric behavioral health conditions presenting to emergency departments with increasing lengths of stay in the ED, EIIC provides a toolkit to help assist with the care of pediatric patients who present for a behavioral health complaint and are awaiting placement or further evaluation.

The kit contains three resources – the Activities Resource Packet, the Behavioral Health Training video series and the Comprehensive Care Bundle.

The Activities Resource Packet contains a no cost self-care activities binder for patients and caregivers. This binder includes several coping exercises including breathing, relaxing, mindfulness, and gratitude practices. The activities are self-guided and can be done at any time.

The Behavioral Health Training video series contains a series of videos covering topics including introduction to pediatric behavioral health conditions, coping and common triggers, psychiatric medications and more.

The Comprehensive Care Bundle contains a variety of tools to help enhance patient safety and staff communication for children with behavioral health symptoms that are boarding in your emergency department awaiting psychiatric care/disposition.

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