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Our fall 2018 Full Coalition meeting drew together western MA healthcare and public health stakeholders to offer disciplinary and HMCC-level updates, and partake of a program focusing on models of community paramedicine and mobile integrated health.

For that main program, we were joined both by Mark Miller, Director of the MA Department of Public Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services, as well as Dennis Russell, chair of the Maine state Community Paramedicine Committee.  Mark presented on the newly authorized tiers of community EMS and Mobile Integrated Health programs available to apply for in MA.  Dennis then augmented this presentation with some lessons learned in Maine after moving from pilot models to fully institutionalized community paramedicine programs.

For those who were unable to join us, slides and handouts are available below!

HMCC Documents
Meeting Agenda
HMCC Updates and Next Steps
Year at a Glance
Massachusetts CEMS and MIH Documents
Massachusetts MIH and CEMS Overview
Massachusetts MIH and CEMS at a Glance
Defined List of Massachusetts CEMS Services
Maine Community Paramedicine Documents
Maine Community Paramedicine Presentation
Maine EMS Community Paramedicine Pilot Program Evaluation
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