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March 2021 Steering Committee Meeting

March 2021 SC Meeting:


  • Mark Maloni – HMCC
  • Xander Sylvain – HMCC
  • Brian Rust – CDH/Hospitals
  • Gail Bienvenue – DPH
  • Brian Andrews – County Ambulance/EMS
  • Jeanne Galloway – West Springfield Public Health
  • Carrie Matusko – Holyoke Health Center

HMCC Report:

  • BP2 Budget: 80-90$k remaining budget available (less staff hours from FRCOG staff on HMCC work)
    • Steering Committee is asked to consider possible expenditures and be prepared to discuss vote during April business meeting on 4/13
      • Ideas floated thus far:
        • MRC financial support
        • Cache of Chromebooks
  • Purchasing: Moving forward with the purchase of asset management software to maintain immediate situational awareness of deployable HMCC resources
    • This software could potentially include the deployable resources of HMCC partners, with clear delineations of what the HMCC is authorized to deploy, and what the HMCC can only refer
    • HMCC is in discussion with WRHSAC and some REPCs/MACCs to identify a single online source for mapping all western MA deployable assets
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