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Winter Storm Advisory: March 13-15, 2023

Strong Nor’easter 3/13-3/15, significant impacts expected.

The Region 1 HMCC is collecting situation and facility updates to submit to the state EOC.  Please submit your facility status report, or your facilities other agreed-upon documentation, at 9:00 a.m on Tuesday, March 14th and 9:00 am Wednesday, March 15. Partners with specific reporting protocols should follow the agreed systems and schedules:

  • Hospitals will report to the Hospital Coordinator
  • Long-term care and assisted living will report via MassMAP
  • Community Health Centers will report via the Mass League
  • All other health and medical facilities experiencing impacts should fill out the Region 1 Facility Reporting Form as needed and submit to the HMCC Duty Officer at [email protected]. You can reach the 24/7 HMCC Duty Officer at 413-774-3167.
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Severe Storm With Wind Damage and Widespread Power Outages

A region-wide facility update is being requested. W MA HMCC is in “Monitoring State” Due to last night's storm there…

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Excessive Heat Event Anticipated This Weekend

Hot temperatures combined with high humidity levels are expected to create dangerous heat conditions, with the most oppressive conditions expected…

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Significant Winter Storm Approaching.

A significant weather event is heading to the region starting Saturday evening.  As of 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, the forecast…

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DRILL ONLY. Flash flooding triggering multiple evacuations and mutual aid requests. DRILL ONLY.

The HMCC now seeks additional facility reporting from Berkshire County partners as flooding in the Pioneer Valley intensifies and triggers…

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