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Some really heavy stuff is going down that requires the assistance of all local public health and community health centers with messaging.  Duty Officer are working closely with the state EOC to coordinate messaging.

The Region 1 HMCC is collecting situation and facility updates to submit to the state EOC at ____ a.m. and ___ p.m. (date) through (date). Partners with specific reporting protocols should follow the agreed systems and schedules:

  • Hospitals will report to the Hospital Coordinator
  • Long-term care and assisted living should report via MassMAP
  • Community Health Centers should report via the Mass League
  • All other health and medical facilities should fill out the Region 1 Facility Reporting Form as needed and submit to the HMCC Duty Officer at [email protected]

National Weather Service

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

MA Department of Public Health Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management

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