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COVID-19 Response in Western MA

This is a rapidly evolving situation. Information is likely to change quickly.

The W MA HMCC provides support within a multi-agency response by supporting the MA State Department of Public Health, healthcare providers and local health jurisdictions.

As the global healthcare and public health community work to contain the COVID-19 Outbreak, the W MA HMCC will use this incident page as a general repository for information and updates.  Standing links to state and federal partners that issue clinical or public information guidance and support can be found below.

If you have questions related to a specific situation in your municipality or facility, or if you need assistance with understanding guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), please contact the Mass DPH 24/7 Epidemiology line at 617-983-6800.

W MA HMCC Resource Coordination Tools

We recognize that this is a stressful time for our region and our coalition partners.  We are working to manage a heavily increased demand for resource request assistance in our region.  We want to provide you with accurate information, and a clear understanding of our process and capacity.


1. The HMCC does not have stockpiles of Personal Protective Equipment for distribution to partners.  We assist healthcare and public health partners in searching regionally, after their existing mutual aid channels have been exhausted.  Items that cannot be found within the outside of tradition mutual aid channels are then elevated to the MA Department of Public Health to search statewide.

2. We do not have any situational awareness of Strategic National Stockpile deployment contents, schedules, or process flows.  We are working with the MA State Department of Public Health to capture the medical supply needs within the region that have the potential to impact clinical care and workforce safety.

3. The links below outlines our response coordination structure and the resource request process.  Please review the Resource Request Process Flow prior to filling out the request questionnaire.

Top-Level Federal and State COVID-19 Pages
Information for Healthcare Professionals
Information for Public Health Professionals and Authorities

Local Boards of Health/Health Authorities seeking non-clinical guidance around COVID-19 can email the Office of Local and Regional Health at Ron.Oconnor@State.MA.US, or call (781) 774-6603.

Communication Resources
COVID-19 Tracking
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