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August2020 Steering Committee Meeting

August HMCC SC were provided the following update in lieu of a meeting:

Greetings all, when we expanded the HMCC meeting schedule to ensure strategic alignment with state and grant management deadlines, and factored in COVID-19 check-ins, we did so knowing that we might not need every meeting!

We are currently in a place where the August agenda is not sufficiently robust to warrant asking for your time in convening.  Instead, we are going to provide you with a couple of updates in this email, and ask you to start considering some items in preparation for our September COVID-19 check in  (9/8, 2-3 p.m.) and our October regular meeting (10/13, 2-4 p.m.).


Technically, we should be electing officers at the August meeting, but we don’t feel we offered sufficient times for nominations, etc.

  • The basic function of SC chairs is to:
    • convene/preside meetings
    • provide staff with emergency approvals/authorizations when a time-sensitive decision that normally would require a Steering Committee vote is required but not able to be garnered due to quorum – these decisions tend to be financial in nature
  • A reminder that we do not have term limits

The action(s) asked for regarding this item:

  • Consider nominating or self-nominating to Mark, and submit any nominations by September 11; he will work in the coming weeks to build a slate for consideration at our October regular meeting.

PPE Rotation Plan

Attached please find a draft PPE rotation plan that Tracy is currently developing with the Western Region Hospital Emergency Preparedness Committee (WRHEPC), the hospital disciplinary coordinating group.  This is for situational awareness only; should the HMCC itself maintain any type of PPE stockpile in the future, a similar maintenance and rotation plan will need to be in place.  HMCC-level stockpiles are not in the W MA HMCC current year plan, but could emerge as a DPH recommendation in the near future.  Being familiar with the draft WRHEPC plan will help expedite that conversation should we need to consider this later in the fall.

The action(s) asked for regarding this item:

  • Review document for situational awareness.


We will plan to meet for the September COVID-19 check-in, and we will maintain some time for updates.  However, as we develop survey questions for an AAR, we hope to use a good chunk of the September meeting to focus group the W MA HMCC COVID-19 response coordination.

The action(s) asked for regarding this item:

  • Keep an eye peeled for an AAR survey to come out in the next couple weeks
  • Take the survey, submit your responses
  • For the September meeting, be prepared to discuss your thoughts collectively to better inform the HMCC AAR/IP

Thanks to you all, we look forward to meeting again in September! Invites for the remainder of the HMCC 2020 Steering Committee meetings were issued earlier this summer via outlook and should already be in your calendar – let Mark know if you need them re-issued.


Meeting Packet for July 2020
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