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You can contact the Region 1 HMCC Duty Officer to request assistance or provide information/situational awareness.

call the Duty Officer at (413) 773-1502

with no request for assistance from the Duty Officer email

HMCC Staff

Xander Sylvain

Emergency Preparedness Planner

Xander Sylvain serves as the HMCC Operations Coordinator, and is responsible for operationalizing HMCC plans, overseeing after-action reviews for incidents and exercises, coordinating coalition activations and response communications, and overseeing…

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Val Woodring

HMCC Planning Coordinator

Val Woodring is the Senior Emergency Preparedness Planner and HMCC Region 1 Planning Coordinator and is responsible for coordination and planning of coalition member meetings, conferences, and trainings to keep…

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Nick Licata

Emergency Preparedness Assistant Planner

Nick Licata serves as the HMCC Emergency Preparedness Assistant Planner, and is primarily responsible for resource procurement, such as purchasing personal protective equipment and other emergency dispensing site supplies, inventory…

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Steering Committee

The Region 1 HMCC has a 10-member Steering Committee, with 2 representatives from each of the 5 core disciplines. All Steering Committee members are selected from within their discipline, and are expected to represent the best interest of the region as a whole.

The Steering Committee provides broad coalition oversight and subject matter expertise regarding their disciplines’ concerns, structures, and regional coordination around preparedness and response.  The Steering Committee ratifies the alignment of priorities for planning and preparedness, and works closely with HMCC staff to maintain a regional Emergency Coordination Plan that meets the needs of the various disciplines and communities in Region 1.

The W MA HMCC Steering Committee meets quarterly on a rotating basis throughout western MA.  Steering Committee (and all other committee) meeting documents can be found here.


Heather Barbieri

Term: 2 years, expires 2023 | County: Berkshire

Fairview Hospital

Ron Riethle

Term: 2 years, expires 2022  | County: Hampden

Holyoke Medical Center


Jeanne Galloway

Term: 2 years, expires 2023 | County: Hampden

West Springfield Health Department

Allison Egan

Term: 2 years, expires 2022  | County: Berkshire

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission


John Meaney

Term: 2 years, expires 2023 | County: Berkshire

Northern Berkshire EMS

Brian Andrews

Term: 2 years, expires 2022  | County: Berkshire

County Ambulance


Jacqueline Johnson

Term: 2 years, expires 2022  | County: Hampden

Caring Health Center

Jennifer Wilkinson

Term: 2 years, expires 2023 | County: Berkshire

Community Health Programs


Patricia Haner

Term: 2 years, expires 2022  | County: Berkshire

Kimball Farms Retirement Community

Melinda Monasterski

Term: 2 years, expires 2023  | County: Hamden

Heritage Hall West

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